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4 Steps for Integrating Customer Care Automation Into Your Marketing Strategy

As featured in Destination CRM The era of is over—and the time for automated, conversational communications has arrived. Today’s consumers expect more from their most loved brands, and companies must evolve to deliver real-time engagement that satisfies customer needs and wants. Eighty percent of consumers say no retailer or service provider has ever sent them a communication that felt overly personal. Just look at L’Oréal. When it launched its Makeup Genius app, customers didn’t cry foul at facial recognition. Instead, they leapt at the opportunity to engage with the brand in that way, demonstrating that audiences are hungry for personalized experiences that add value beyond the product itself. Automated communications have often sounded cold and impersonal. For example, the typical abandoned cart email tries to be relevant, but it frequently sounds like it was written to a mass audience, or the timing is a little off. To connect with customers, brands must find harmony in timeliness, relevance, and ease of use. Whether that harmony comes through traditional email or newer channels like SMS texting, web chat, or in-home voice assistance, personalized automation is the future of better customer experiences.

Six Challenges You Need To Conquer To Effectively Deliver Automated Customer Care

In my day-to-day work partnering with leading brands and retailers to solve customer challenges, I’ve often heard the statement, “We are behind.” Over time, it's become clear to me that they aren't so much referring to being behind their competitors, but rather that they are falling behind customer expectations.

5 ways to utilize chatbots for a better customer experience

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Chatbot Success 101: Why a Single Customer View is a Must

It’s not easy to give customers what they want in places and mediums that are most familiar to the retail industry, let alone on emerging channels like chat and voice. When 1– launched its chatbot, it was hailed as an example of capturing commerce interactions on a new channel and giving customers the convenience they crave. As Forrester has since identified, however, the chatbot “forgets users’ information if they try to return to their task the next day — despite displaying the previously entered data earlier in the Messenger conversation.”

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