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The Future is Automation- How to Deploy Customer Care Automation as a Complement to Existing Post-Purchase Solutions

The rules of customer engagement have changed.  There is greater expectation on timeliness of resolution, personalization of service, convenience of channels, availability and willingness of a brand to engage in a real-time 2-way conversation. Notifications, no-reply email addresses and delayed email support don’t meet customer expectations of a brand’s readiness to help them if they have a question or want more information. Beyond information, many consumers want to be a part of their favorite brands, and feel heard, beyond sharing a comment on social media.  In this post we discuss how brands need to automate their customer care solutions in order to keep up with the ever-changing customer expectations.

Press Release: CUTS Clothing Automates the Customer Experience

CUTS Clothing Automates the Customer Experience with Linc Global's AI Customer Care Automation Platform  Through Linc’s platform, CUTS Clothing now offers automated solutions for anywhere, anytime customer care and engagement

New Feature Alert: Consultative Buying Botlet

The evolution of automated customer care goes well beyond the post-purchase experience.  Automated customer service is more than just questions about order tracking, return information, and product details.  Customers also have questions about finding what they are looking for and which products are right for them. Without automation, all of these questions add more work and time for your customer service reps, or the questions go unanswered and customers go elsewhere

Using Enriched Data to Enhance Automation, Marketing, eCommerce and Operations Programs

As the customer’s preferences and means of communication change, so does the amount data and tracking we have about customers preferences.  Beyond the clear business impacts on important KPIs, a brand sees a large improvement in customer data - both in richness and availability. With an automated customer care solution, brands can use automated assistants to easily use this data to engage customers and increase sales.  

New Feature Alert: Product Inspiration Botlet

As consumers want more and more 1:1 communication with brands, a large strain takes hold on your customer service teams and the overall business.  Many brands are finding the key to alleviating these pains is to automate the process as much as possible. One key difficulty with this becomes how to best leverage basic automated interactions and ensure you are providing your customers with all the information they need when they want it.

The Evolution of Customer Care Automation

Since the first checkouts appeared online more than 20 years ago, the best-in-class standards in customer experience have changed significantly, from improving access to product catalogs, to enhancing the communication around purchases, and today, into the multichannel, integrated efforts orchestrated between marketing, ecommerce and customer care teams.

Press Release: PureFormulas Automates Customer Engagement with Linc Global

PureFormulas Automates Customer Engagement with Linc Global's AI Customer Care Automation Platform  Through Linc’s platform, PureFormulas now offers automated solutions for anywhere, anytime customer care and engagement messaging across channels including SMS and Facebook Messenger

Customer Success: PacSun Differentiates the Customer Experience

Leveraging Linc Global’s Customer Care Automation Platform, PacSun offers proactive SMS notifications on order status and automates returns to enhance their customer care experience.

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