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New Feature Alert: Content Inspiration Botlet

We have all heard the mantra “content is king,” but are brands truly utilizing this and taking advantage of all the different ways they can promote their content?  We’ve all been helped by the customer service chatbot or assistant dedicated to a specific task. But businesses who really want to make a splash in the chatbot space are turning their attention to chatbots as content delivery systems.

New Feature Alert: Automated Assistance for BOPIS

As today’s savvy consumer becomes more demanding for the personalized customer experience, one thing is clear-  buy online, pick-up in store (BOPIS) is here to stay. For many retailers, BOPIS can be a struggle as it means mastering how to provide the customer with what they order online when they need it in store.  Many times, this process comes down to automated assistance and how well your tools work for you.

6 Costly Misunderstandings about Chatbots and Amazon Alexa

Retailers are facing a raft of challenges this quarter. Amazon capturing more than half of total online retail growth, customers spending 88% of their time in only 5 apps, and customer acquisition costs skyrocketing. It’s understandable some are considering selling the farm, and others are quietly fading away. For those still in the fight, ChatBots and conversational commerce channels are a hot topic of debate — it’s difficult to go a single day without stumbling on some kind of new report — and for good reason. But many are feeling concerned about some fundamentals of the platforms, and how they operate.

2019 Omni-Channel Tech Journey

“Hey Google, how do I perfect an omnichannel journey?”

The Ridge Creates a Cohesive Buying Experience with Automated Customer Care

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Linc Global, the leading customer care automation solution powering digital experiences that strengthen brand-to-shopper relationships, today announced that The Ridge, the creator of the expanding minimalist wallet that protects your cards and cash, has chosen Linc’s AI-powered platform to provide shoppers with a cohesive experience across the whole buying experience.

Customer Experience as the New Competitive Battleground

Buying and selling online began in earnest in the ‘90s. In 1995, the year Amazon and eBay both started, the internet existed as 120,000 registered domain names. Over the next three years it grew to more than two million. Now, more than a billion websites are online. Ecommerce has also expanded by leaps and bounds. In 2006, ecommerce accounted for approximately 3% of total US retail sales. So far this year, it’s approaching 10% and represents an almost 15% year-over-year increase compared to 2016.

Conversational Commerce is the Future and the Present

Chris Messina, who helped to popularize the term and is the Developer Experience Lead at Uber, declared “2016 will be the year of conversational commerce.” What he predicted back in early 2015 has now become a reality -- leading brands are already capitalizing on these channels and leaving their competitors behind. What does that mean for your brand? When you master conversational commerce, you’ll deliver experiences that make your customers feel as if you hired a personal assistant to help each of them. “Not only do companies today need to exceed customer expectations, but they need to make it easy for the customer to do business with the company,” writes Forbes’ Blake Morgan. “Want a powerful customer experience? Simply ask yourself how easy you can make life for your customers.”

The Future is Automation- How to Deploy Customer Care Automation as a Complement to Existing Post-Purchase Solutions

The rules of customer engagement have changed.  There is greater expectation on timeliness of resolution, personalization of service, convenience of channels, availability and willingness of a brand to engage in a real-time 2-way conversation. Notifications, no-reply email addresses and delayed email support don’t meet customer expectations of a brand’s readiness to help them if they have a question or want more information. Beyond information, many consumers want to be a part of their favorite brands, and feel heard, beyond sharing a comment on social media.  In this post we discuss how brands need to automate their customer care solutions in order to keep up with the ever-changing customer expectations.

Press Release: CUTS Clothing Automates the Customer Experience

CUTS Clothing Automates the Customer Experience with Linc Global's AI Customer Care Automation Platform  Through Linc’s platform, CUTS Clothing now offers automated solutions for anywhere, anytime customer care and engagement

New Feature Alert: Consultative Buying Botlet

The evolution of automated customer care goes well beyond the post-purchase experience.  Automated customer service is more than just questions about order tracking, return information, and product details.  Customers also have questions about finding what they are looking for and which products are right for them. Without automation, all of these questions add more work and time for your customer service reps, or the questions go unanswered and customers go elsewhere

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