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New Feature: Automated Web Chat and How It Will Change Customer Engagement Benchmarks

Your brand image depends on the customer service you provide. A once-unsatisfied customer is unlikely to visit your site again. While common options include providing live chat service to customers, along with service on social channels, there is a new opportunity available. The first of its kind, automated web chat delivers a real-time, personalized experience – in this post, we’ll talk about the best way to utilize automated web chat and what long-term benefits it will bring to your company.

With the launch of our new automated web chat feature we reflect on what this means for brands looking to engage and innovate the customer experience.

There is no doubt that responding more quickly to customers, and giving them the information they need can help you improve satisfaction, lead to more conversions and cement customer loyalty for the long-term.  

When considering how you could automate this service in order to scale and alleviate cost challenges, there’s a big difference that needs to be considered. Though it may not be obvious at first glance, there is a wide gap between the automated generic FAQs offered by help chat platforms, and the personalized contextual assistance that AI can deliver.


Automated Webchat


How to best utilize automated web chat

With automated web chat, brands have the opportunity to engage with customers both pre-purchase and post purchase, to instantly get information on orders, get immediate assistance with returns, find a product that best suits them, or the nearest store, to name a few skills an automated assistant can have.

The big difference between FAQ automation, and automated web chat is personalization and context. Where FAQs offer generic information, but no direct-path to resolving an inquiry, automated chat leverages the intelligence of an automated assistant, equipped with a range of capabilities, to not only provide information, but to take actions that resolve the customer's question. The automated assistant is also able to upsell based on customer history, and find just the right moment to provide a recommended new product.


There are compelling reasons retailers need to consider automating web chat:

  1. Increase Customer Engagement- Customers want to be engaged with a brand and automating the web chat can provide customers with the instant answers and help they need .

  2. Product Finder- Asking product questions via live chat is convenient, by automating this experience, retailers can quickly allow customers to find what they need along with serving them upsell and cross-sell product recommendations in an organic way.

  3. Proactive Customer Interactions- generally conversations only start when initiated by the the customer, by automating web chat, retailers can begin the conversation informing customers about sales and promotions, or product recommendations if the customers is known.

  4. Post Purchase Order Assistance and Returns- automated assistants in web chat can easily answer questions regarding orders and help with initiating a return, thus allowing customers to get the help they need when they want it.

What automated web chat means for the future

With customers that are time challenge the norm today, people are eager to talk to businesses through live chat whenever they want, and expect immediate assistance. Today’s customer wants to get what they need without unnecessary hassle or delays, so they can move on with their day and get something off their mind.  Automating web chat makes it easy and convenient for customers to interact with a brand when it is most important for them, not only at the hours the brand has established or through a communication medium that involves delays.

At Linc, we’re very excited to have launched automated web chat as part of our platform, as it means even more shoppers can get immediate answers and resolution to their inquiries with the convenience they want. Please let us know if you’d like to discuss in detail - and learn why leading brands are implementing this feature.

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