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Best Practices for Increasing Shopper Opt-In Rates

Shopper opt-ins are the secret sauce to marketing your products and services to your future and current customers.  With the heavy reliance on privacy laws and legal ramifications abound, increasing shopper opt-ins is the key to business success.  The bigger the opt-in audience, the more opportunities to engage with customers.

In order to best market to your customers on the channel they prefer, there are a few best practices to follow in order to increase the opt-in rates and decrease opt-out rates:

  • Be sure that all opt-in notifications and channels for opt-in are prominently displayed where receiving notifications will be a strong value for shoppers.  These include:
    • Order Confirmation Page (order status updates)
    • Loyalty Program (Reward, reminder updates)
    • BOPIS (notifications when pick-up is ready)
    • Appointment making page (appointment reminders)
  • Optimize all opt-in widget touchpoints to include:
    • "Contact Us"
    • Customer service touch points that link directly to automated support channels you have Linc enabled.
  • Promote awareness and educate the customer to all the different touchpoints available for contacting you.  By utilizing Linc-powered automated assistance, you can provide easy access to customer questions and proactively educate shoppers with notification opt-in options.
    • Bring awareness to your customers that they can get 24/7 support on Facebook or SMS.
  • Provide a variety of touchpoints for your users to opt-in to ensure that they can get in touch with you on the channel most relevant to them.
    • Increase your overall number of  opt-ins by offering multiple channels in addition to SMS including Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa

Shopper Opt-in recommendations

Utilizing Linc’s omnichannel shopper assistance platform, leading retailers like Greats, Pac Sun and Levi’s, are able to manage shopper opt-ins across all channels, including SMS, Voice, Webchat and Messenger. Linc retailers and brands typically see over 20% of their entire customer base to stay connected with their business through at least one notification channels other than email.

You can learn more about the customer experience and how automating the shopper experience can engage your customers at every touchpoint by exploring Linc’s platform and solutions pages. Or take a look at how leading brands like Lamps Plus, and others are using an automated shopper experience platform as part of their customer experience strategies in their businesses today, in our resources page

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