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[ Forrester Viewpoint ] Deliver Value-Oriented, Contextually-Relevant Experiences

Picture this: A busy Mom is on her way to the grocery store, with 2 kids in the back seat asking about snacks. One wants an apple juice, the other wants a cheese stick. As she parks the car and gives the kids their snacks, she has a moment to catch up on the three things that are on her mind:

1 - The playdate she's hosting this weekend,

2 - Lunches for the family, and

3 - The new dress her daughter wants to wear at her friend's birthday party next Sunday.

The first two are momentary thoughts, the latter, is a pause filled with concern that what she has ordered online might not make it in time. It will stir a fight if she has to convince her daughter to wear something from the wardrobe.

She pulls out her phone, as the kids are getting restless in their seats, and quickly messages Carter's, her go-to for new outfits. 'Where is the dress I ordered?" Immediately, Carter's responds, "The new Sun-Drenched Party Dress is on its way - it will arrive this Thursday." Slipping her phone in her pocket, she breathes a sigh of relief, and wrangles the kids out of their seats, and into the store.

Though a momentary interaction, from a customer engagement and service strategy perspective for a large brand, every interaction is important, and often, time-critical to a customer. Shoppers don't have time to go hunting through emails, or looking up order numbers, and they don't have the patience to find their own answers if the process is complex, or buggy. Customers today look for ways to turn 'found' moments into productive time, to leave more time in their day for other things.

As Brendan Witcher, Forrester's VP and Principal Analyst in Digital Business Strategy, explains: omnichannel and personalization efforts that brands are bringing to the table may not be bridging the gap to deliver what the customer really needs. For customers who want contextually-relevant experiences that are seamless, tying together personalization with omnichannel is key.


Video: Brendan Witcher explains how omnichannel and personalization tie together to create a lasting impact.

For both efforts to deliver what the customer wants, there needs to be a holistic approach to customer data that feeds these initiatives. With the goal to deliver truly personal engagement across all channels. Otherwise, it won't deliver the value that customers are looking for, and won't provide the differentiation that brands need in order to compete and drive loyalty.

For a busy Mom, contextually-relevant experiences means the ability to quickly get answers, and get back to what she needs to focus on. The value is in being kept up to date, so that its one less thing on her mind. Using an automated assistant provides the convenience that she wants in terms of timely information, and also access via the channels she finds most convenient, like SMS, Messenger, web chat and voice assistants.

Today, the importance of offering differentiated services and experiences to customers is growing. These moments are the pathway to creating lasting loyalty and a strong presence in a crowded and challenging market landscape. Brands who take action today will fuel their growth, and improve profitability.

Linc is working with these leaders to offer real-time, contextually-relevant experiences that customers want with the convenience and value they expect. Linc delivers fast launch timelines, ongoing support and development, with proven ROI.


You can learn more about Linc's platform here.

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