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Press Release: Linc Global Launches New Botlet Framework, Enables Brands To Reinvent Customer Care With Automation

Linc’s Botlet Framework allows retailers and brands to automate over 90% of customer interactions via Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

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SUNNYVALE, Calif.--()--Linc Global, the Customer Care Automation platform used by leading customer-centric brands, announced today the release of its Botlet Framework. The Botlet Framework helps brands use conversational commerce platforms to automate customer care throughout the shopping journey.

Linc’s Customer Care Automation platform revolutionizes how brands solve the challenges of poor customer loyalty and rising costs. The platform uses AI, a single customer profile and smart integrations to create engaging, real-time moments that give customers an unforgettable experience while increasing purchase frequency.

The platform knows how to serve, engage and convert customers, using a contextual understanding of their needs based on their order status, customer service history and unique preferences. Off-the-shelf, it uses natural language understanding to address essential post-purchase needs and creates additional customer engagement moments across digital channels and drives new revenue with contextual product recommendations.

With the Botlet Framework, retailers can now go beyond essential customer care automation, and create innovative customer service and engagement moments throughout the entire customer journey on chat and voice platforms. By pairing this new extensibility with the platform’s core technology, Linc’d brands can avoid the common roadblocks experienced when developing custom automation and rapidly launch intelligent interactions.

Key benefits of the Botlet Framework include:

  • Uses the platform’s understanding of the customer’s context, preferences and history
  • Customized conversation management that can make use of dozens of data points about the customer, their order and products they purchase
  • Gives brands a new way to differentiate, and engage the customer with unique brand expertise and content
  • Offers the customer real-time interactions on chat and voice platforms - Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Leverages commerce-specialized AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Understanding
  • Built for retail scale – platform handles holiday shopping spikes flawlessly
  • Open APIs offer integration to existing systems

Retailers are already using Linc’s Botlet Framework to push the boundaries of AI-automation. TechStyle Fashion Group implemented a custom Botlet for membership management via a real-time automated chatbot. They incorporated their existing sales scripts and training into Facebook Messenger and voice assistant platforms to provide the fastest customer care possible.

“By working with Linc, we are able to innovate how we use Facebook Messenger, and capitalize on our customers’ preference for this channel,” said Anna Pettus, Vice President of Strategic Operations, TechStyle. “With Linc’s new Botlet Framework, customers can not only track their order, and get answers to questions in real-time, but also get help with their membership in the channel of their choice. Working with Linc, we have been able to create an innovative customer care experience and further optimize our workflows and operational efficiencies.”

Other use cases include: re-targeting a customer via abandoned cart reminders in Messenger, product configuration assistance, find a store, click and collect notifications and loyalty program reminders. Innovative brands may also look to enhance their customer’s experience through specialized how-to content after a purchase, or leverage happy customers by providing a personal coupon to share with friends.

“As the competition for customers’ attention and engagement heats up, brands are working hard to offer shoppers an innovative and unbeatable customer experience that sets them apart,” said Fang Cheng, CEO, Linc. “Many of the custom-developed bots launched in the market have had challenges hitting user expectations, and are limited in their use. Linc has worked to solve the two biggest roadblocks to delivering automation that meets the needs of customers and brands. Linc’s Customer Care Automation platform is architected for real time decision-making using unified customer data from different interaction channels, and a deep comprehension of interaction context. With the new Botlet Framework, Linc’d brands can revolutionize automated conversations using this deep level of understanding.”

For more information about Linc Global’s Customer Care Automation platform, click here to learn more.


About Linc Global

Linc Global builds the most advanced commerce-specialized Customer Care Automation software. It’s platform leverages purpose-built AI to transform 90%+ customer interactions into automated assistance across web, email, SMS, Messaging apps and Voice platforms.

Serving millions of shoppers and billions of purchases per year, Linc’s platform empowers leading brands like Carter’s | Oshkosh, Crocs,, Hugo Boss, Vineyard Vines and P&G Shop to deliver anywhere-engagement and real-time services.

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