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Salesforce DreamForce 2017: What’s Ahead For Customer Engagement

The Linc team is looking forward to Salesforce Dreamforce in San Francisco (Nov 6-9) to listen, learn and meet with the industry’s most innovative and envelope-pushing. As we approach the holiday season and New Year, delivering and building an exceptional customer success strategy is a top priority for retailers and brands (and a major theme of this conference).


In today’s retail world, we see, hear and read two main storylines: “we are in the midst of a retail apocalypse,” and, “the world of shopping is undergoing a huge transformation.” These narratives, coupled with the continuous introduction of new chat technologies including artificial intelligence, voice assistants and chatbots, are pushing brands and retailers to continuously perfect their customer success strategy, especially as it pertains to customer care.

During Salesforce Dreamforce, we not only look forward to hearing from former FLOTUS Michelle Obama, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, and the very talented Alicia Keys and Lenny Kravitz, but also to exploring the Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s key track for the conference: how retailers are transforming shopping in the age of AI and mobility.

Linc’s mission is to help retailers and brands do just that! In partnering with Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud platform, we help retailers like Carter’s | OshKosh deliver real-time and automated customer care by providing an AI-based solution that answers a critical piece of the puzzle: “how do retail brands offer the most responsive and intelligent customer care without succumbing to the rising costs.”

Through our partnership with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, retailers can not only create intelligence-driven experiences for their customers throughout the shopping journey, but also ensure their customer care strategy strengthens the shopping experience and transforms one-time purchasers into lifetime customers.

Linc’s platform ties together the emerging channels of Voice (Amazon Alexa, Google Home) and ChatBots (Facebook Messenger) with email, SMS and a web portal, using a single customer profile to strengthen the customer care experience. Our customers rely on Linc to increase engagement, customer satisfaction and retention, reduce service and reverse logistics costs, and drive additional revenue.

Heading to Salesforce Dreamforce? Let’s chat! Please reach out through our contact page and we’ll tailor our discussion to your interests.


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