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This year's unmissable IRCE sessions

Retail as we know it is back to the wild west. Over the past 12-18 months, and even moreso over the last 6, tech giants such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon have made significant strides to revamp the E-Commerce world that we know. There has been a huge paradigm shift; from Facebook Messenger opening up their API’s for developers to build chatbots that shoppers can use to directly message with retailers, to devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa bringing voice assistants into your shoppers’ day-to-day lives. We are finally seeing the reality behind what has been referenced for years now as “Conversational Commerce” come to life.

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking – what does that mean for me and my brand? More importantly, what on earth do I do about it?

Leading retailers are finding ways to turn this paradigm shift into an opportunity to be more integrated in their shoppers’ lives, and more differentiated from competitors. The upcoming Internet Retailer Conference (IRCE) in Chicago will provide a great opportunity to learn from the best about these emerging communication channels and what is actually possible.

The Unmissable Sessions:

Technology’s Impact on CX

The first session we recommend is with eComm leaders Chris Hardisty of Puma and Christie Porter of Rachel Roy talking about the impact technology is having on the customer experience. They will be discussing the importance of mapping the customer journey to know your shoppers intimately enough to serve up the best experience no matter if they are in-store, online, or on mobile.


Data and CRM

There’s so much buzz on data collection, but very few actually know how to do it and once they have it, what to do with it. Learn from one of the best, Ali Wing, from Maurices during her session “Data and CRM: The Art and Science of Retail.” Walk through her philosophies on the best ways to leverage data to better drive results and serve your shoppers.

Smarter Computers Impact on Digital

This session is lead by Marketing Evangelist Loren McDonald from IBM Marketing Cloud along with Jonathan Tilghman from and is diving into the new era we are in and the direct impact technology is going to have across the entire E-Commerce industry. They will cover everything from Conversational Commerce to SEO and the best practices for leveraging tech.

Under Armour’s Depth of Customer Connection

Day 2’s Keynote is hosted by VP of Nth Am E-Commerce and Brand House Stores, George Hanson of Under Armour. Most retailers laugh when you bring up the idea of launching an App. Not this guy - this session will take you through the successful journey of how UA has been able to leverage technology to track shoppers’ fitness and log it directly within the UA App. Apps might not be a focus for you, but if you are trying to get some ideas for how to best connect to your shoppers using new technologies, we suggest you don’t miss this one!

We’d love to get your take on what you think the future of retail will hold!

We focus on powering the digital experiences that brands use to build relationships with their shoppers, transforming one-time purchasers into lifetime customers. Brands, retailers and CPGs leverage our platform to provide their shoppers with an exceptional tracking, return and exchange experience, and create new revenue channels via personalized upsells, cross-sells and sampling.

We’d love to hear from you and understand how technology is changing your view of customer experience, customer lifetime value and what shoppers expect today from your brand.

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