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We've launched a D2C branded automated assistant, capable of serving customers across conversational channels

[Las Vegas, NV] GroceryShop 2018 is underway with industry leaders taking the stage to address shared challenges and opportunities relating to the evolution of how consumers shop for products ranging from food and beverage to health, beauty, personal care, household and pet supplies.



Our CEO, Fang Cheng, took the stage this morning to announce the General Availability release of our CCA platform's direct to

consumer capabilities to a full house of intrigued attendees. 


Our Customer Care Automation platform revolutionizes how D2C brands solve the challenges of scaling customer care, building a direct relationship with the customer and leveraging data to drive growth. Our platform uses AI, a single customer profile, and smart integrations to create engaging, real-time moments that give customers the service they want, an experience they love, and more reasons to shop online again.


Offering a branded, automated assistant across channels that shoppers use most frequently, the platform uses a contextual understanding of needs based on purchasing behavior, order status, customer care history, and unique preferences.


Our branded assistant offers a range of services across the customer journey, including post-purchase assistance, re-ordering, and subscription help. It also drives additional engagement through reminders, contextual recommendations, and more. Additionally, using our platform’s understanding of the customer and open APIs, brands can easily deploy differentiating and unique value-added services to drive further engagement and strengthen loyalty. Services such as product selection assistance, in-store stock check, automated on-site live chat, real-time answers to product questions, and comprehensive loyalty program service can be added to the automated assistant's capabilities, with no fixed limitations on the services created.

Digital Disruption has come to the Grocery Industry

With our platform’s D2C capabilities, brands can now offer real-time assistance with the convenience customers want, without sacrificing margin. In the battle for loyalty, brands can benefit from the incredibly rich and broad customer data that is used not only to power the automated assistant, but can be integrated into existing systems including CRM and marketing automation platforms, providing a far richer and real-time understanding of customer behavior, and the ability to take immediate actions according to their individual preferences and experiences.

Key benefits of deploying an automated assistant using our platform include:

  • Providing real-time automated customer care with a broad range of services across channels customers prefer including SMS, Facebook Messenger, Website Chat, Twitter, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant
  • Ability to provide value-added services such as product selection, assistance, and educational content
  • Turn customer interactions, profile information, preferences into structured data with dozens of data points that can be used in real-time across a brand’s technology ecosystem
  • Offer best-in-class customer experiences in order-tracking, exchange/return, upsell, subscription assistance
  • Able to answer common questions from customers 24/7, with the convenience of voice, chat or text
  • Built and proven at enterprise retail scale – platform handles demand spikes flawlessly
  • Open APIs offer integration into existing systems to enhance customer experience and make real-time data available

Many leading brands are already using our platform to push the boundaries of AI-automated customer care. Across cosmetics, consumer goods, fashion, homewares, footwear and electronics, leaders are positioning their brands on the forefront of customer experience by deploying Linc’s customer care automation platform; driving exceptional results with boosts in customer engagement and lifetime value, data enrichment, increased conversions, and customer care cost savings.

“As the competition for customers’ attention and engagement heats up, D2C brands are working hard to build stronger customer relationships, nurture loyalty, and leverage customer data,” said Fang Cheng, CEO.

“Linc’s Customer Care Automation platform is architected for real-time decision making using unified customer data from different interaction channels, and a deep comprehension of interaction context. Using the platform’s direct-to-consumer capabilities, Linc’d brands can provide exceptional customer care across the whole customer journey, create more loyal customers and bring far more rich customer data into their business.”

About the Presentation: Fang spoke as part of the “Disruptive Startups Enabling New Customer Experiences”. In this talk, Cheng shared a brief overview of the different solutions powered by Customer Care Automation with a focus on the hidden challenges that the industry needs to solve to achieve effective automation of the majority of every-day direct-to-consumer service needs.

Missed the presentation? Watch it here.

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